About Denise Sirchie

Denise Sirchie, with "Staff of Life"
Denise Sirchie, in her studio, with “Staff of Life” 

I never did like staying in the lines when I colored, still don’t. Mosaic allows a sense of freedom in technique. There are no boundaries; shards come in unlimited choices, from the recycled, to the gem found in an old pendant. I strive for “adamento”, the visual flow and direction within a mosaic produced by the placement of rows of tesserae. I want people to “take a walk” visually when they view my art. Perhaps they too, will take on different eyes as they view the world.

As a self-taught artist, this is my 16th year enjoying the highs the creative process gifts me. Inspiration arrives in many forms, and when it does, it is so important to act upon it, otherwise it becomes impatient and leaves just as quickly as it arrived. The nightmare of not grabbing hold and implementing is that of an artist too slow to act and thus create.

The medium arose my interest in the year 2000; admiring the art form at a local gallery. It became my silver lining in the following year as I began a successful battle with breast cancer. My “blankie” became studio time (which was in my basement back then). Taught from borrowed books from the library, internet research, and learning from costly mistakes, the balance in life born from this art form feels somewhat complete. It truly makes me wonder how the universe knows when to curse you with a disease, only to allow you to rise above it, and with it, take a prize.

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