Picture Framing

Paintings, photographs and other pictures enliven our homes and work spaces, express our personalities, and can even make us feel better. But to get the most out of our art collection, proper framing is essential.

A Frame is a Powerful Thing

The visual impact and longevity of any picture is highly dependent upon framing. A well-chosen, well-built frame, matting and glass will:

  • Complete and enhance your artwork, exhibiting it at its best
  • Separate the image from its surroundings
  • Draw your eye toward the work of art
  • Protect your investment from deterioration

Choose Your Framing Wisely

The overall effect of your finished piece will be determined by the size, color and style of the components of your frame. Glass, matting and moulding that complement, but do not overwhelm, the image will add to the picture’s appeal and your enjoyment of it. In addition, framing techniques must be appropriate for the medium and underlying base of your picture. Investment art is not framed in the same way as easily replaced posters.

We Can Help

At Village Frame and Gallery, we start every project by visiting with you about your tastes, intention for the picture, and budget so we can help you make design and conservation decisions that meet your needs. Any time you need a picture framed–or simply have a question about framing–call or stop by the shop.


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