Custom Framing and Original Artwork
in the Heart of Multnomah Village

Are you an art lover? You’ve come to the right place to:

Close up of watercolor of heron in blacks, grays and whites with an orange crest
Original watercolor by Beki Killorin
  • Preserve and showcase your cherished artwork
  • Turn priceless keepsakes into a one-of-kind display
  • Find a new treasure to brighten your world

From original paintings to handmade needlework to sports memorabilia and more, if it can be framed, we will craft an eye-catching solution to protect and enhance it. And yes, we showcase many local artists working in a variety of mediums. Come browse our gallery in the heart of Multnomah Village–one of the most charming neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon.

Custom Framing

What do you want to frame?

At Village Frame & Gallery “quality custom framing” means:

  • Exceptional design: Staying current with design trends and innovative techniques, combined with our skill at color selection and layout, allows us to provide customers with finished products that surpass expectations.
  • Conservation materials:  We only offer glass with ultra-violet protection. Our mat board and backing board create an acid-free environment. Our mounting techniques are completely reversible, using only rice paper hinges or acrylic corners. The only exception is when we are handing reproductions that can be easily replaced, such as mass-produced posters. In those cases, we might vacuum-mount or permanently adhere the print, but would still use high quality materials to ensure longevity of color and paper integrity.
  • Detailed craftsmanship: Taking care to make sure every step of the framing process is executed perfectly is the secret to artistic, long-lasting framing that will protect your belongings for years to come. At Village Frame & Gallery, even the small, hidden elements of every frame we build are placed with the skill and conscientiousness of a master craftsman.
  • Personalized service and design assistance: We consider your unique style and preferences, décor, and goals for the framed piece, to create a finished product that brings you pleasure. We will assist you with design choices every step of the way and even come to your home or office for an art and framing consultation, if you prefer.

Whether you have invested money in fine art, spent hours handcrafting needlework, or want to exhibit cherished objects, the next step is investing in professional, custom framing to protect and enhance your belongings.

Start with a call or visit to Village Frame & Gallery.

We are open Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday, 10am-4pm
or by appointment.

Art Gallery

Mixed media painting of men and women writhing in agony.
Suffer, Torn by Farooq Hassan

Village Frame & Gallery is proud to feature local fine artists and artists from from around the world. Visit our gallery in Multnomah Village to browse through our large selection of original artwork, prints, and posters. Or, if you need an in-home or in-office consultation, call 503-245-8001 to schedule an appointment.

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