About Diane Moskowitz


My journey with clay began in college when I took a ceramics class at Scripps College in Claremont, California. In my 20’s I churned out production work to try to earn a living making pottery. But most of my adult life I’ve had the luxury of being able to work and play with clay just for the joy of it, and I’ve discovered the creativity that can come from that freedom. My pottery is my way of focusing, centering, and balancing my “day job” as a psychotherapist. 

For the many years I had my own studio, I worked exclusively on the potters wheel. These past 17 years I’ve been a member of the Multnomah Arts Center clay community, and my work has broadened to include slab work and hand building, sometimes combining elements of both wheel and slab work. I find myself intrigued with lidded forms and have been experimenting with different ways to make covered jars and boxes. Even within the parameters of functional work, I enjoy the infinite possibilities that clay allows for  playing with shape and form.

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