About Jeanette Nuxoll

Headshot of Jeanette Nuxoll

I am intrigued by how mankind manipulates its surroundings to suit its needs; large tracts of land transformed for industry, farming, and the general expansion of civilization; cities and their outlying areas growing rapidly, new development springing up almost overnight. Even areas set aside as preserves are threatened by the ever-present press of humanity. I am drawn to machinery and architecture, marvel at their engineering and recognize a kind of brutal beauty in the objects that have changed and replaced the natural landscape.

I try to create a balance between the industrial and natural, civilization and wilderness. I use imagery from large-scale architecture and the industries that are changing the landscape. In contrast, I use organic textures layered within and over these structures. This layering creates a hybridized space where the industrial and organic elements weave through and overlap one another and in some areas merge to create new shapes. Through this technique of blending components and the use of vibrant transparent colors a sense of beauty is created through the transformation.

I work mostly in relief and lithographic techniques. Woodblock lends a hard tactile quality to the prints with the embossment. Using multiple blocks or plates in my prints allows me to reuse imagery in other prints, thereby tying them together into a body of work. In other pieces, I use a reductive process that effectively destroys the image on the woodblock so it can no longer be used. Lithograph allows me to use fluid materials to build the images of the solid structures that are represented.

Additional Works by Jeanette Nuxoll

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