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Adam Gerlach
Spaces Between
February 1st- March 31st, 2024
Artist reception, Friday, March 1st from 5:30pm-8pm

Join us for wine and light refreshments on March 1st, 2024 to celebrate the photographic work of the owner of Village Frame and Gallery, Adam Gerlach. When he is not carefully preserving and framing your precious objects, he’s out in the field, looking for just the right light and composition. Stop by to see these large format prints in person.

We hope to see you there!

-Vanessa and Adam

Installation view of Spaces Between

Endless Light, Carpinteria, CA | Pigment print on cotton rag | 2009/2017

Black Road, Craters of the Moon National Park , ID | Pigment print on cotton rag | 2006/2017

Descending Light, New Zealand | Pigment print on cotton rag | 2004/2017

More from the artist:

Adam Gerlach, BA, MFA, Brooks Institute of Photography
Each of my photographs is captured on film using traditional landscape photographic techniques. The negatives are carefully selected and transformed to exaggerate their more otherworldly qualities. I feel a picture is never complete until a certain luminosity is achieved. I like to test the bounds of what can be printed to help to create a feeling, and to present a more imaginative space for the viewer to contemplate. 

I seek out subjects which are symbolic vestiges of the exploration of an internal landscape. These symbols often represent moments from my own life; either reflections on my journey or postulations of moments to come. They are inspired by quiet instances of mystery and questioning.

The crafting of an image is as important to me as it’s content. Each image is taken through a transformative process that includes traditional film processing, scanning, and digital manipulation with the goal of getting beyond straight documentation into the realm of self-expression. These images become less about the places where they were photographed and more about a dreamlike location caught in the space between reality and imagination.

Through the careful control of light, shadow, tone and contrast a mysterious, and unique space is created inviting the viewer to explore the space between our world and a world unknown. 

We look forward to seeing you and providing the best in fine art picture framing; continuing in the 24 year tradition of Village Frame and Gallery!

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