Featured Artist Susan Koch

An award-winning watercolorist, Koch tries to evoke a place of familiarity or belonging—a feeling of “being home.”

Photograph of Susan Koch standing next to an exhibit of her paintings.
Susan Koch

Painting began as a childhood passion for Susan. As far back as she can remember she was intrigued with drawing what she saw. She always knew painting was what she would do with her life and was determined to go to art school.

She studied watercolor at the American Academy of Art in Chicago under the late Irving Shapiro, one of the great watercolor artists of our time. Right out of art school, she found a job as a professional artist—doing graphic design for Yellow Pages ads.

With the exception of a few years after her second daughter was born, Susan has been painting all her adult life.

“I have to do it,” she says. “It’s too much a part of me. I’ll never retire because I’ll always be painting.”

Since then, she has won many awards, including “Best of Show” and “Peoples’ Choice” several years running in the Watercolor Society of Oregon annual shows.

Susan now devotes herself painting what she finds meaningful.

“Art is an expression of a deeper spiritual need,” she explains.

She draws her subject matter from the world around her, painting detailed landscapes, florals, and still lifes. She also creates beaded jewelry featuring complex, luminous designs.

“For me, what captures my interest in a scene is the quality and angle of light. It changes constantly and with that change comes the challenge.”

She has lived in many places around the country but favors the Pacific Northwest. She lived for 10 years on the Oregon coast, and several more in central Oregon, but the romance of the farms and vineyards of the Willamette Valley called to her. Today she lives just west of Portland.

Photo of Dee Anderson in front of some of her paintings
Dee Anderson

See the Works of Susan Koch at Village Frame & Gallery

Her exhibit, along with the works of Dee Anderson, is on display throughout the month of August. Stop by during regular Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of Susan’s artwork:

Watercolor painting of historic home on a hill
By Susan Koch


Elaborately beaded bracelet in turquoise, pinks, green
Bead Bracelet by Susan Koch

Last Weekend to See A Lifetime of Work by Kaye Synoground

Poster with a picture of Kaye painting and one of her watercolor of a classic truck rusting in the grass.

Poster with a picture of Kaye painting and one of her watercolor of a classic truck rusting in the grass.This Saturday, August 1st, will be the last day we exhibit A Lifetime of Work by Kaye Synoground at Village Frame & Gallery. It was Kaye’s last show, a retrospective of her decades-long career as a full-time artist, and we have been honored to host it for the last two months.

As you probably know by now, Kaye passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer this month. It has been a hard loss for our community, but Kaye’s zest for art and life never waned, and it was clear she wanted us all to continue to commune with her art in her absence.

After August 1st, Kaye’s work will be available for viewing and purchase from The Geezer Gallery at the National College of Natural Medicine’s Spalding House, located behind the administration building at 2828 SW Water Street, Portland, OR 97201.

Please Join Us July 27th in Memory of Kaye Synoground

Photo of Kaye Synoground standing in front of some of her art work. Below is a quote from Kaye: "I've had a very good art life and I've been quite lucky."

A Celebration of the Life and Life’s Work of Our Neighbor and Friend

Photo of Kaye Synoground standing in front of some of her art work. Below is a quote from Kaye: "I've had a very good art life and I've been quite lucky."We cordially invite you to join Kaye’s family and friends as we commune with her work and each other, remembering her artistic legacy and how she touched our lives. Everyone is welcome.

Monday, July 27, 2015

5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Village Frame & Gallery
7808 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219

Kaye Synoground was a beloved mother, wife, teacher, and artist. Click here to read more about her.

Featured Artist Kaye Synoground

Self-portrait in watercolors by Kaye Synoground


Kaye Synoground, beloved mother, wife, teacher, and artist passed away in July, 2015.

Kaye was a career artist with over thirty years of experience including professional illustration, as an owner of her own studio gallery, A Closer Look in Multnomah Village, and teaching at places like the Multnomah Athletic Club and The Multnomah Art Center. Kaye was a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, the Colored Pencil Society of America, the Beaverton Arts Commission, and the Westside Artists group. Her work has been exhibited at the Washington County Museum, the Columbia Arts Center, the Halvorsen Gallery and the Newport Visual Arts Center. She also has had work published in “The Best of Colored Pencil” 1996 and 1997 by Rockport Publishers in Massachusetts.

Kaye passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She had enjoyed a brief remission in the spring and early sumer of 2015, during which time she worked in her studio and put on a lovely retrospective show at Village Frame & Gallery in Multnomah Village. An artist until the end, Kaye showed a zest for art and life that was remarkable and was admired by all that knew her.

July First Friday and Independence Day at Village Frame & Gallery

Self-portrait in watercolors by Kaye Synoground

July Calendar

Village Frame and Gallery will be open late for First Friday, July 3rd, however, there will be no artist’s reception. We will be closed July 4, 2015 for Independence Day.

Poster with a picture of Kaye painting and one of her watercolor of a classic truck rusting in the grass. The Gallery will continue to feature A Lifetime of Work by Kaye Synoground, through the month of July. The show features new and old works from Kaye’s 20-year career as an artist, and is her first since she was forced to take several months off to care for her health. If you weren’t able to see this exhibit in June, be sure to come visit us this month.

About Kay Synoground

Kaye began studying art at when she was only 13 years old, but initially struggled to  and went on to establish a career in the fine arts. For many years, she painted  signs and did commercial illustration. In a recent interview with The Southwest Community Connection, Kaye explained it was cancer that first convinced her to become a full-time artist in 1993: “It just felt like I’d better be painting if I was going to paint,” she said. “None of us knows how long we have.”

Today, she is well known for her artwork and teaching. Her art has been exhibited at Washington County Museum, Columbia Arts Center, Halvorsen Gallery, Newport Visual Arts Center,  and is part of many collections both private and public. She has also had work published in Woman’s Journal, Fine Gardening, and The Best of Colored Pencil. Kaye illustrated Barbara Blossom Ashmun’s book, Married to My Garden. She had a gallery in Multnomah Village for 16 years.

Please join us as we celebrate 20 years of Kaye Synoground’s art.

If you can’t make it to First Friday, A Lifetime of Work will be on display throughout July during regular business hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm. Meanwhile, here are a few of our favorites by Kaye Synoground:

Two Persimmons by Kaye Synoground
Two Persimmons by Kaye Synoground


Watercolor of back of voluptuous nude woman in shades of blues and peach
Blue Nude by Kaye Synoground


Watercolor of orange and scarlet autumn leaves drifting in front of a blue and gold background
Drifters by Kaye Synoground

Monday Art Break Edition 1

We Interrupt this Monday for an Art Break

Let the phone go to voicemail for a few minutes and enjoy …

Colorful house under red and green tree canopy with a bright yellow sun overhead.
Detail of Premier by Marie-Claude Boucher
Image of Louis Robechaud's painting Le Caves
Le Caves by Louis Robechaud
Horizon II by Richard Hall
Horizon II by Richard Hall

Ahhhhh … that’s better, isn’t it?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled activities. Let’s do this again soon.

May First Friday and More

Abstract drawing in neutral tones by Jeanette Nuxoll

Abstract drawing in neutral tones by Jeanette NuxollFirst Friday with Jeanette Nuxoll at Village Frame & Gallery

A printmaker with roots in both Washington and Oregon, Jeanette is currently a grad student at University of Cincinnati where she is earning her masters in fine art. Join us this Friday, May 1st, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. to meet the artist and see her work.

Collage of art for sale at MAC this weekend including bright blue basket, textile arts, and handcrafted jewelryMultnomah Arts Center Spring Arts & Crafts Sale

While you’re in Multnomah Village, visit the Multnomah Arts Center for their Spring Arts & Crafts Sale. They are open Friday, May 1st, 9am to 9pm and Saturday, May 2nd, 9am to 4pm. The sale features the work of over 50 artists and supports MAC’s mission to promote arts education in our community.

Picture of large mirror with elaborate gilt frame

Mirror Closeout

Get 50% off designer mirrors in stock now at Village Frame & Gallery. There are lots of great reasons to decorate with mirrors; come check out our selection and save. Our regular business hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219

First Friday with Rosalyn Kliot

Mixed media painting of very bright colored fish on stringers

Join us at Village Frame & Gallery this First Friday, April 3rd, from 6 to 8 pm for an artist reception with mixed media collage artist Rosalyn Kliot.

Artist’s Statement

Photo of Rosalyn Kliot
Rosalyn Kliot, Artist

Although I am formally trained, I consider each work an intuitive journey of exploration.  I detach from any specific outcome or agenda, and allow the piece to take on a life of its own. I am inspired by the two dimensional surface and am generally surprised by outcome. Nature, physics, and the spiritual experience continue to intrigue and amaze. I explore color and layering of imagery, both representational and abstract. I am told that my art makes people happy–that alone might be justification to create–however, for me, art making is as integral to my life as food and water. Waking up each morning in  anticipation of entering my studio is sustenance of the sort that has no equal.

About Rosalyn Kliot, Mixed Media Collage Artist

Rosalyn Kliot is a mixed media painter, working mostly in collage and fiber, and dabbling in ceramics and various paper arts. Her works have been shown and or sold in galleries in juried exhibition, in Los Angeles, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago and Japan and at the Museum in Salem, Oregon; her mixed media collage and fiber pieces are in private and corporate collections. She studied with Don Baum and Alice Shaddle of the Art Institute of Chicago, and obtained a B.A degree from Roosevelt University.

Learn More About Rosalyn Kliot’s in “Complex Creations”

Mixed media painting of very bright colored fish on stringers
Fresh Fish by Rosalyn Kliot ~ Click to enlarge.

Dryer lint. Egg shells. Alpaca hair. Her own blood. Any one of these things may appear in a piece of Rosalyn Kliot’s artwork.

Kliot’s collages, paintings and fiber art pieces are interesting and complex–like her life.

Her work [was displayed in 2008] at Sage Cafe in NorthWest Crossing in Bend, among other places.

One piece at Sage Cafe, called “Prov nogt,” erupts with rough, bumpy textures from acrylic gels and sand, cracks in the surface like broken eggshells, geometric images in reds, yellows, purples and pale greens, and overlying smears of gold glitter.

Foreign words stretch across the canvas too: “Prov nogt nvt!”

Which means …?

“I haven’t got a clue,” Kliot said as she hung the piece recently. “If it’s really nasty I hope someone will tell me.” [Read more in Bend Bulletin]

Join Us April 3rd in Multnomah Village

Village Frame & Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. Call 503-245-8001 for more information.

More by Rosalyn Kliot

Abstract collage in pinks and purples with lots of swirling designs
Abstract in Pink by Rosalyn Kliot
Blue, multi-media bowl with village scene around outside
Village Bowl by Rosalyn Kliot
Mixed media painting of colorful, snowy village
Snowy Village by Rosalyn Kliot
Purse made of colorful patchwork fabric and long, gold fringe on the closure flap.
Handbag with Fringe by Rosalyn Kliot

Featured Artist Mary L. Parkes

Headshot of artist Mary L. Parkes

We have some additions to our Mary L. Parkes exhibit arriving at the Gallery today. Stop by and see what makes her contemporary still life paintings so tantalizing.

Artist Statement

mary-l-parkesWhat inspires me are the objects in nature. Grasses, leaves, colorful vegetables. The fabulous forms that the ocean makes on the sand when the tide comes and goes are awesome!  These wondrous things can have a gleeful, dancing feeling.  The viewer may often see frogs lurking, strawberries taking off like rocketships and ribbons streaming. The effervescent colors reflect my joy of life.

I live in Hayden Island, near Portland, Oregon, with my husband and kitties. It’s view of the water and sailboats makes it seem like I am living a vacation. I love that my studio is larger than the one I had in Santa Fe but I really miss my friends.

Currently I show my art in several new galleries in Oregon: Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach and Geezer Gallery in Portland. If you are in Oklahoma City, you can see my work at Kasum Contemporary Gallery.

Process/Technique information

My paintings are done mostly on stretched canvas or linen.  The depth is at least 1/\.5” deep.  I have used clear glazed linen for my surface, which gives a more natural feeling.  Some of my canvases have many color glazes that have been sanded, glazed and sanded again to give a smooth surface.  All depending on the subject matter of course.


Mary L. Parkes is a member of:

  • Oil Painters Of America
  • International Guild of Realism.

See the Work of Mary L. Parkes at Village Frame & Gallery in March:

Realistic painting of pears surrounded by butterflies and bees
Fun at Pear Park by Mary L. Parkes
Painting of rocks interspersed with twigs, birds, insects, and flowers
Sanctuary by Mary L. Parkes
Painting of white poppy against background of leaves, stems, and buds
Prickly Poppy by Mary L. Parkes

Featured Artist Kimm Byers

Picture of Kimm Byers holding one of his paintings
Picture of Kimm Byers holding one of his paintings
Kimm Byers

About the Artist

Award-winning artist, Kimm Byers describes his creations as “Emotionalism” and defines emotionalism with, “where color and feeling meet on paper or canvas for an eye opening Flash.”

After graduating from high school in 1969 Byers set out to develop his own style of painting, the result is “Emotionalism” and unique to Kimm Byers. He has displayed his art in Galleries up and down the West Coast of the United States.

Kimm Byers’ work has been purchased by and is displayed in international galleries and museums. Byers was commissioned by the Portland Rose Festival as the official Artist in 1988 and 1989 – the first person to be honored with this title since the Festivals inception in 1906.

Byers was selected as the “official artist” for the Valley Center, CA., Sesquicentennial Celebrations in 2012 donating the commissioned art to the Valley Center Music Festival as the Grand Prize in a raffle fundraiser – the winner consequently donating the piece to the Valley Center Historic Society, where it is displayed in the Museum.

See Kimm Byers’ Artwork in Person at Village Frame & Gallery

Watercolor painting of Willamette River and surrounding Portland area
By Kimm Byers
Watercolor painting of cabin in Mt. Hood forest with mountain behind
By Kimm Byers

Village Frame & Gallery, 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219 ● (503) 245-8001
Open Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm, and Saturday 10am - 4pm, or by appointment.