August First Friday and Multnomah Days

Come to the Village this month for cool watercolors and hot deals!

First Friday, August 7th

We have an exciting new exhibit opening this month at the Gallery featuring Susan Koch with Dee Anderson. Join us for the artist’s reception Friday, 6 pm to 9 pm at the Gallery.

Susan Koch

A place of familiarity–a feeling of being home

Watercolor painting of leafless tree, surrounded by other trees. The sky is intensely blue and and the grass is green, but the trees are stark and gray.
Columbia Gorge forest by Susan Koch

Art has always been my passion. I have to do it; it’s too much a part of me. I’ve tried to quit and I couldn’t do it. I finally realized, I’ll never retire, because I’ll always be painting.

Over the past thirty five years my paintings have won many awards, including “Best of Show” and “Peoples’ Choice” several years running in the Watercolor Society of Oregon annual shows. I now devote my energies and attention to painting what I find meaningful, something that speaks to me. Usually it is the light that captures the scene for me. I try to convey to the viewer a place of familiarity or belonging, a feeling of “being home”.

~ Susan Koch

Dee Anderson

Stubborn, Gorgeous, Determined
Watercolor painting of boats next to a dock. A building on high stilts is above the dock. The light looks like dawn and is casting a rainbow of colors across the entire scene.
By Dee Anderson

Nearly everyone I know has tried to paint with watercolor at least once.  Most say “It’s too difficult.” I find that watercolor is willful, stubborn, gorgeous and determined to find it’s own way.  Just like all of us!  I welcome the challenge of watercolor.  It continues to bring me frustration, beauty and most of all…joy!

If you opt to take one of my paintings into your life, it is my hope that it gives you a lifetime of solid companionship.  Art transcends relationships, troubles and time!  Art is always there for you!
~ Dee Anderson

Multnomah Days 2015, August 15th and 16th

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