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Artist’s Statement

Photo of Rosalyn Kliot
Rosalyn Kliot, Artist

Although I am formally trained, I consider each work an intuitive journey of exploration.  I detach from any specific outcome or agenda, and allow the piece to take on a life of its own. I am inspired by the two dimensional surface and am generally surprised by outcome. Nature, physics, and the spiritual experience continue to intrigue and amaze. I explore color and layering of imagery, both representational and abstract. I am told that my art makes people happy–that alone might be justification to create–however, for me, art making is as integral to my life as food and water. Waking up each morning in  anticipation of entering my studio is sustenance of the sort that has no equal.

About Rosalyn Kliot, Mixed Media Collage Artist

Rosalyn Kliot is a mixed media painter, working mostly in collage and fiber, and dabbling in ceramics and various paper arts. Her works have been shown and or sold in galleries in juried exhibition, in Los Angeles, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago and Japan and at the Museum in Salem, Oregon; her mixed media collage and fiber pieces are in private and corporate collections. She studied with Don Baum and Alice Shaddle of the Art Institute of Chicago, and obtained a B.A degree from Roosevelt University.

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Mixed media painting of very bright colored fish on stringers
Fresh Fish by Rosalyn Kliot ~ Click to enlarge.

Dryer lint. Egg shells. Alpaca hair. Her own blood. Any one of these things may appear in a piece of Rosalyn Kliot’s artwork.

Kliot’s collages, paintings and fiber art pieces are interesting and complex–like her life.

Her work [was displayed in 2008] at Sage Cafe in NorthWest Crossing in Bend, among other places.

One piece at Sage Cafe, called “Prov nogt,” erupts with rough, bumpy textures from acrylic gels and sand, cracks in the surface like broken eggshells, geometric images in reds, yellows, purples and pale greens, and overlying smears of gold glitter.

Foreign words stretch across the canvas too: “Prov nogt nvt!”

Which means …?

“I haven’t got a clue,” Kliot said as she hung the piece recently. “If it’s really nasty I hope someone will tell me.” [Read more in Bend Bulletin]

More by Rosalyn Kliot

Mixed media painting of colorful tree trunks
By Rosalyn Kliot


Blue, multi-media bowl with village scene around outside
Village Bowl by Rosalyn Kliot


Mixed media image of brightly colored, stylized tree trunks.
By Rosalyn Kliot


Purse made of colorful patchwork fabric and long, gold fringe on the closure flap.
Handbag with Fringe by Rosalyn Kliot

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