All Posters Half Off on First Friday

Tomorrow is August 1st and that makes it First Friday in Multnomah Village. Come enjoy shopping and special events with your neighbors until 10 p.m. Don’t forget to stop by Village Frame & Gallery where all art posters are on sale 50% off, Friday only. What would you do with a poster? We suggest …

3 Places to Decorate with Posters

  • Dorm rooms: Know someone headed off to college? Help liven up that dreary dorm room with a colorful poster of their favorite artist’s work, a style they love, or subject matter that reflects their passions.
  • Work spaces: Art has been shown to help reduce stress, boost creativity and productivity, and enhance employee morale. Because they are so affordable, posters are a sensible, attractive choice for offices, hallways, and break rooms.
  • Kitchens, Laundries, and Baths: Art posters make a dramatic statement, yet are easily replaced in case of damage from humidity, making them ideal for areas where environmental conditions would be rough on your fine art.

Imagine where you might hang one of these …

Image of poster by Claude Theberge
Claude Theberge
Image of Tournee du Chat Noir de Rodolpe Salis by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Tournee du Chat Noir de Rodolpe Salis by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen

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