3 Times to Insist on Professional Custom Framing

There are occasions when a craft store frame will work just fine. If you want to print and display a digital snapshot of the family pet, there’s no need to spend the money for a high-quality frame. But, if you have invested in fine art, want to exhibit priceless objects, or have unique needs, there is no substitute for a skilled professional framer. Here are 3 times to insist on professional framing:

evening-lightWhen You Want to Preserve Your Artwork or Heirlooms

Artwork, handicrafts and cherished memorabilia all deteriorate when exposed to light, moisture, temperature changes, and environmental contaminants such as air pollution or the oil from your fingers. Simply slapping your treasured pieces into ready-made frames will not protect them from the ravages of time. Off-the-shelf framing materials are typically made of damaging acidic materials that actually accelerate deterioration.

A professional framer who is familiar with art conservation techniques will take steps to protect your framed items. Methods vary depending on what is being framed, but some of the most common techniques include:

  • Museum quality glass that blocks UV rays and light reflection
  • Acid-free, archival matting, backing and moulding materials
  • Preservation mounting techniques

When You Want to Create an Striking Display Piece

The right framing complements what it surrounds and draws the eye to the focal point of your exhibition—your artwork or heirlooms. This doesn’t happen by accident. Expert framing design unites the artwork, mat, and molding, creating a harmonious presentation enhances and serves the picture or object framed.

In order to accomplish top-notch results, professional framers must be experts in design, color theory, and layout. They also need to consider where the picture or keepsakes will be exhibited and your personal tastes or preferences.

In the end, you will have a unique showpiece you can be proud to display in your home or office.

When Ready-Made Frames Don’t fit Your Needs

Mass-produced frames are available in a small range of pre-defined sizes and materials. If you want to frame something that doesn’t fit into a standard size or you want rarer materials, you are out of luck. Custom frame shops are not confined by these limitations. They can offer:

  • Frames cut to any size you need
  • Mats in a vast array of colors, textures and patterns
  • Special decorative effects, such as die-cut mats
  • Moulding to suit any design

If it is time to insist on professional framing, it is also time to insist on a frame shop that will guide you through the maze of preservation and design choices and execute your project flawlessly. If you have a framing project in mind, contact Village Frame and Gallery. We have over 28 years combined experience protecting and enhancing pictures, needlework, and keepsakes.

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