3 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Know what you’re getting everyone for the holidays? No? Here are a few ideas your loved ones won’t have seen at every store in the mall:

A Piece of History Preserved

Shadow box with two antique photos of a woman and a pocket watch

Rescue beloved keepsakes from their dusty boxes and turn them into a artful display that will be cherished by your loved one and eventually handed down to children and grandchildren. Conservation framing ensures heirloom pieces will last for generations.

Art from Their Wish List

Mixed media image of nude woman kneeling and leaning forward, a cloth covers her entire head.
Searching in the Dark by Farooq Hassan

We all love someone who rarely spends money on themselves. Usually, these are the people who are most generous with others. This year, treat the giver in your life to a piece of art he or she has been wanting, but has put off purchasing.

Framed Photo Stories

Shadow box filled with college memorabilia and photos
University Days

Commemorate a season in your loved one’s life with a framed collage of memorabilia that tells a story. A little slice of  “This is Your Life,” this gift is an excellent way to express how important someone is to you.

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