In the Gallery – Jeanette Nuxoll; Last Day to Save!

Village Frame and Gallery is pleased to host Differential Frailty, a new and deeply personal show by Jeanette Nuxoll, in the gallery this month. Read more about Jeanette Nuxoll here.

About Differential Frailty

My grandfather owned a factory in Illinois. I would visit as a child and started working there in my early twenties. Working in parts production, the tediousness of repetitive tasks became both hypnotizing and overwhelmingly monotonous. Learning the processes for tool and die making was a welcome break from the rhythm of parts production. The importance of precision in tool and die making highlighted the necessity of parts working together in a system. This sentiment was echoed by my grandfather, who would always say, “Work smarter, not harder”, seizing every moment as a learning opportunity.

In his mid-seventies my grandfather started losing his memory. In a slow deterioration of recall, he would become confused about where he was in a project, or not remember how a certain procedure was executed.  I would work alongside him in an effort to maintain the course on a project, reminding him of processes that he had taught me. I have always thought of my grandfather, and myself, as machines. We are task oriented. We operate in specific processes. We create. Watching the breakdown of his mental and physical functionality, I became progressively more aware of the failures in the mechanical systems in which we had always related.

Differential Frailty specifically addresses the idea that humans, like machines will eventually fail. As we seek to overcome biological and technological failure, humanity is invariably brought closer to the mechanical, allowing transhumanism to emerge as a potential solution to biological obsolescence.
– – Jeanette Nuxoll

Peter Iredale by Jeanette Nuxoll
Differential Frailty by Jeanette Nuxoll

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