Featured Artist Natalya Romanovsky

“I want to transform the beauty around me into shapes. I try to think of my work as a process of simplifying something huge into a manageable pattern.”

–Natalya Romanovsky


natalya-romanovsky-IMG_1762-300Natalya Romanovsky starts every painting with a sketch. Then, as each shape and object “finds it has a soul and speaks to me,” develops her vivid, energetic paintings. Inspired by both folk art and contemporary design, Romanovsky produces oil paintings of dynamic images formed by bold brushstrokes and texturized by etching the work with a wooden skewer.


Natalaya Romanovsky has a childhood memory of a chance encounter with an old man, Jorg Jonkof, who was rumored to have been lost as a child, then found in a city far away. To Romanovsky it was as if Jonkof passed something to her during that meeting. From then on, she was destined to become an artist. At 7 years old, a teacher noticed Romanovsky’s talent and told her mother, “Give her brushes and paint. The child will know what to do.”

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Chisinau Art College in her native Moldovia. After graduation, she went to work for a popular magazine, contributed to childrens’ publications, and continued to paint. In 1993 Romanovsky immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio.

During her first three years in America, Romanovsky worked odd jobs: McDonalds, babysitting, working at an ad agency, doing art therapy with seniors. Bored, but not knowing many people, she immersed herself in painting more and more. By 1996 she was painting full time.

“I am addicted to painting and must do it every day,” she says. A night owl, she often works until 3 a.m. or later. She also loves music and cruising America’s open roads.

Romanovsky’s work is exhibited in galleries throughout North America and popular with collectors. Three of her works are currently available at Village Frame & Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

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How to Hang Art the Easy Way

Have you ever tried to create a stunning gallery style art display in your home or office? Then realized, 57 nail holes later that it’s not as easy as you thought it would be?

halsey-hanging-system-72dpiPerhaps you wanted to dedicate space to rotating exhibitions? But decided against it because you would have to patch and repair the wall every time you made a change?

Are you constantly challenged by a special situation like setting up displays in a window or historic building?

Good news! Halsey Cable Display Systems can fix all these problems and more.

Hang Art without Damaging Your Walls

hang-art-without-damaging-walls-oPositioning art can quickly become very difficult. We’ve all measured carefully, driven the nail, hung the picture, and then realized the nail needed to be half an inch to the left. The more pieces you want to group or line up exactly, the worse the problem becomes. Then, after the exhibit is perfectly positioned, we can’t change a thing unless we’re willing to start all over. Halsey Display Systems end all that hassle, replacing nails and hangers with a discrete track-mounted cable system that gives you endless flexibility. Picture a little too low? No problem, just slide the gripper up and lock it into place. Want to swap out one or more pieces of your display? You can adjust everything around it in minutes.


Hang Art or Signs in Store Windows

Art posters and pictures can significantly increase the wow factor of your front windows, but only if they are professionally installed. This is another area where we highly recommend Halsey Hanging Systems. Their ceiling track system can be mounted above the window for a clean, upscale look that keeps the focus where it belongs, on your display rather than your hardware. Plus, you will be able to easily change your displays monthly or seasonally.

Hang Art in a Historic Home with Rail Moulding


Homes built between 1900 and 1950 often have wood picture rail mouldings installed at the top of the wall. This allows you to hang art from the moulding, rather than damage the plaster walls. If your home or building has this type of railing, all you need is hooks designed to work with your railing and high-strength steel cables. The Halsey system also offers something the original owners didn’t have: cable grippers to make height adjustment a breeze.

Call Village Frame & Gallery for a Free Consultation

We will help you design a professional display that can be easily modified to meet your current and future needs. If a flexible, easy-to-customize art hanging system sounds like a dream come true to you, call 503-245-8001.

It’s Golden Ticket Time!

Look for signs like this in the windows of participating businesses.
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Do your holiday shopping in Multnomah Village and Hillsdale to earn Golden Tickets from participating businesses.

Take your ticket to another participating business and receive a discount or a treat! Golden Ticket specials start November 15th and run through December 31st–and yes, Village Frame & Gallery is a participating business.

Golden Ticket Here Signs Tell You Who is Participating

Just look for signs like  the one here on the right in the windows of participating businesses. Or, click on the image to enlarge it, print it out, and plan your shopping day to get the maximum number of Golden Tickets.

Bring a Golden Ticket to Village Frame & Gallery and receive a free gift!

We look forward to seeing you this holiday season!

Local Artists Holiday Salon December 6th, 7th


You are  cordially invited

to our

Local Artists Holiday Salon


Village Frame & Gallery
in the heart of Multnomah Village

Friday, December 6th, 5 pm – 9 pm
Saturday, December 7th, Noon – 4 pm

Come browse our exhibition of unique creations, meet the artists,
and shop for the art lovers on your list! Joining us will be
Watercolorist Kay Synoground, Woodworker Randy Bonella,
Mosaic Artist Denise Sirchie, and Jewelry Artist Susan Koch.

We look forward to seeing you there!


It’s Holiday Time in the Village!

Image of tree lighting in Multnomah Village 2011
Image of tree lighting in Multnomah Village 2011
Multnomah Village Tree Lighting 2011

Holiday activities begin the evening of “First Friday” December 6th with our annual Multnomah Village Holiday Gala. Village Frame & Gallery is excited to celebrate being part of this unique and supportive community. In our gallery, we will feature a salon of our favorite local artists Friday evening and Saturday afternoon to offer a selection of unique creations, answer questions, and take last minute gift orders! Joining us will be Watercolorist Kay Synoground, Woodworker Randy Bonella, Mosaic Artist Denise Sirchie, and Jewelry Artist Susan Koch.

Plus! It’s Golden Ticket time in Multnomah Village and Hillsdale. Do your holiday shopping in our neighborhood and earn tickets when you shop at participating businesses. Take your ticket to another participating business and receive a discount or a treat! Golden Ticket specials start November 15th and run through December 31st–and yes, Village Frame & Gallery is a participating business.

How to Choose Picture Glass Like a Pro

Image of regular glass versus museum glass

How important is your choice of glazing during a framing project? Let’s put it this way, every aspect of your project will be affected by it: cost, weight of the finished piece, amount of protection provided, how the art or keepsake looks after framing, even maintenance. So how do you make the best decisions? A great custom framer and a little knowledge go a long way when you are deciding:

Glass or Acrylic?

Image of cross-section of Museum Glass
Click picture to enlarge

Glass is very scratch resistant and does not bow or produce as much static as acrylic. Consider glass when framing:

  • Smaller projects that will not become too heavy
  • “Loose media” artwork, such as pastels or charcoals which can be damaged by static build-up from acrylic
  • Items that may not receive appropriate cleaning techniques required by acrylic
Image of cross-section of museum acrylic
Click picture to enlarge

Acrylic is lighter and more shatter-resistant than glass and as optically pure as Museum Glass®, which makes it the right choice if:

  • Framing large or heavy items where weight of the finished piece is an issue
  • You need to ship the framed artwork or memorabilia
  • The art will hang in high traffic areas or children’s rooms where broken glass presents a significant hazard to people or the artwork itself
  • You are willing to use special cleaning and maintenance methods to avoid scratching or fogging the glazing

Clear or Anti-Reflective?

Image of clear glazing versus anti-reflective glazing
Clear (L) vs Anti-Reflective (R)
Click image to enlarge

Anti-reflective glazing is useful any time glare may prevent you from enjoying your framed pictures or memorabilia. Use anti-reflective glass when:

  • Your framed piece will hang in a bright room or opposite windows or lamps
  • You are framing an image that is enhanced by a slightly softer focus, such as an impressionist painting

Avoid cheap, low-tech non-glare glass. It will cause your framed items to look fuzzy and distorted.

Clear glazing, which looks like regular glass, works well for:

  • Projects that do not require reflection-free viewing
  • When you need to balance cost and viewing clarity

Level of Protection?

If you’ve ever worked with a professional framer, you probably know ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the biggest enemies of your pictures and keepsakes. Over time, UV rays break down organic materials, causing your precious treasures to fade, yellow and become brittle. Professional framers use specialty glazing to slow this process.

Image of regular glass versus museum glass
Regular Glass (L) vs Museum Glass (R)
Click image to enlarge

Museum Grade gives the highest level of protection and offers outstanding clarity. It minimizes glare without affecting the visible light spectrum so the finish is practically invisible. It is also the most expensive option. Use Museum Glass® or Optimum Museum Acrylic® whenever:

  • Framing extremely valuable or priceless items or items with a lot of detail
  • You want the best presentation possible

Conservation Grade must block at least 97% of UV energy and is available in clear or reflection control finishes. It is an excellent choice if:

  • You are framing precious art, keepsakes, or valuable posters, but Museum Glass® is not within your budget

Non-Conservation Grade offers much lower UV protection than higher grades of glazing. Village Frame & Gallery does not carry or recommend this type of glass, but when you are framing items that can be easily replaced, such as inexpensive posters or digital snapshots, non-conservation glass or acrylic is a money-saving option.

Before You Decide, Gaze at Glazing

Bring your artwork or keepsakes to Village Frame & Gallery to see for yourself how the various types of glazing will affect their appearance. Viewing the items behind glass and acrylic samples can reveal subtle, sometimes surprising, enhancements or distractions you will want to consider before making your final choice.

In addition, we can help you make decisions about design, frame styles, matting, backing and mounting materials to create a spectacular finished product you are proud to display in your home or office.

Stop in during our regular business hours or call 503-245-8001 for an appointment or in-home consultation.