Restoring Priceless Works of Art

Refinish, Restore and Revive Confidently with Preservation Artisans Guild


Artwork’s value increases with age but so does its wear and tear. Thanks to dedicated and professional preservation artisans, the beauty never has to fade.

And now, thanks to the newly-formed Preservation Artisans Guild, no guesswork is required to find the best professional to repair or restore your artwork.

We are excited to introduce you to the Guild’s preservation and restoration artisans. Whether you want to give the sparkle back to your antique mirror, or freshen up a masterpiece that’s grown dull, Preservation Artisans Guild has a specialist in the area you need. The Guild is a professional network of highly skilled craftspeople, artisans, art historians, and other people who are passionate about preservation and conservation.

As a member of the Preservation Artisans Guild, Village Frame & Gallery is increasing our ability to provide you the best art ownership experience. Guild members network and exchange information among multiple disciplines and areas of expertise. This exchange of ideas, knowledge and insights provides an opportunity to expand our breadth of knowledge about preservation and restoration processes. Guild members meet regularly to share information, learn from each other, and work collaboratively on restoration projects.

The Preservation Artisans Guild was born in response to the need to differentiate those who claim to be experts in the preservation field from those who really are. The Guild provides an opportunity to connect art lovers with true restoration professionals who are skilled in, and passionate about, preserving and conserving period architecture and fine art.

Village Frame & Gallery is proud to be a member of the Guild, working to provide the Pacific Northwest with the best art collecting, sharing, and owning experience.

Visit or contact us to get started on your art restoration adventure today!

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