Seen in Multnomah Village – SCARY!

Portlanders, is this danger lurking in your home?

Our neighborhood is generally a safe, friendly place, but a couple of weeks, we spotted something truly scary that everybody needs to become aware of before somebody gets hurt.

Village Frame & Gallery owner Beth and her husband, Scott, in their Halloween costumes at Multnomah Village Trick or Treat event.
It’s true, this was spotted in Multnomah Village a couple of weeks ago, and is kind of scary, but in all seriousness, what you need to know about is:

Cheap Art Hangers are Downright Dangerous

One light-duty picture hanger with badly stretched hooks and a heavy-duty hanger made of much thicker, stronger metal
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Heavy framed mirrors and artwork need heavy-duty hardware to keep the artwork and its owners safe. The hanger at the top of this picture was removed from artwork framed at an inexpensive home decor store. The  hanger is bent from the weight of the piece and threatened to release it’s hold. The hanger at the bottom is what an independent professional framer, like Village Frame & Gallery, uses for a heavy piece. Cheap hardware, nail-in picture hooks, and large-thread drywall anchors, can fail under loads greater than 25 pounds.

The Really Frightening Part

Imagine if this picture was hung over a bed! Or a child bumped the wall underneath it! Sure, we’re having some fun with this issue, but it’s no laughing matter when a heavy item comes crashing down onto someone. This is one area where quality absolutely matters.

Village Frame & Gallery can Help Make Your Artwork — and You — Safe

Please, check your artwork and mirrors today. If you see signs of hardware failure — the metal components are stretched, fasteners are pulling out, or anything else that looks suspicious — take down the item right away and bring it to Village Frame & Gallery. We will evaluate the materials used and make recommendations for hanging your heavy item securely. We have appropriate hardware and installation techniques for any kind of display you can imagine, on any surface.

Nobody wants to imagine the damage that might be caused by falling art!

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