Wish You Were Here!, photography by Scott Cordner and Our Feelings, Exactly!

It’s a shared memory many of us have. It’s spring break, or the beginning of summer and we pile into a station wagon at the break of dawn, suitcases loaded, sandwiches packed, ready for an adventure. The road trip to places not yet seen, national parks and roadside attractions. Who didn’t want to stop at Wall Drug? After all, we’d been reading the billboards for hundreds of miles, it must be spectacular!

Pulling off at a roadside oasis or just a widening of the shoulder for lunch. We pulled out the sandwiches and someone put those nasty fizzy soda tablets in too much water and we ate a completely unsatisfying lunch (“Can’t we go to McDonald’s?”) And then, while the car was being loaded up, we went exploring. Most of the time we’d find nothing of interest, but every once in a while we’d find a creek or small river, maybe a frog pond or, Jackpot! A small waterfall! These were the best of times. After playing around in the water for not nearly long enough we’d climb back into the station wagon, soaking wet and happy.

We’d finally make it to our destination – Yellowstone, the California Redwoods, the Grand Canyon – and try to capture the majesty of what we were seeing with our Instamatic cameras. The photos never seemed to do it justice.

Conservation photographer Scott Cordner has made it his life’s work to capture the beauty of nature, California and the Pacific Northwest, and to bring his photos to us. He shows us what we’re missing. In a COVID-19 world – stuck in our homes and unable to load up our station wagons for an adventure – Scott brings us a picture postcard that says, “Wish you were here!”

Thousand Island Lake by Scott Cordner

Read more about Scott Cordner here.

Water from Above by Scott Cordner

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