Poetry Reading and Book Signing First Friday July 1st

Cover of In the Mist

Meet Photographer Russell J. Young and poets from In the Mist: Giving Voice to Silence

Cover of In the Mist

July’s featured exhibit will be a collection of photographs and poetry broadsides from In the Mist. Join us July 1st at 7:30 pm for a poetry reading and book signing at Village Frame & Gallery, 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

About In the Mist

Cover of In the Mist: Giving Voice to Silence
On sale at Village Frame & Gallery now

An ode to the ethereal wonder of mist, this spectacular collaboration is comprised of exquisite images from photographer Russell J. Young accompanied by nuanced poems from seven esteemed Oregon poets. With soft, pale breath, the mist casts an undeniable veil of silence wherever it reaches — from the glassy face of a pond to the concrete underbelly of a bridge to the towering shoulders of a pine forest. These mist-clad Oregon landscapes and urban moments, along with their poetic responses, evoke the whisper of stillness. This book binds together poetry and photography in a relationship in which one is not excluded from the other, but rather both are met and bound and emerge as a new wholeness — a wholeness seeking that which is hidden in the mist and that which is revealed: silence, memory, breath. [Read more about In the Mist]

In the Mist Poets: Margaret Chula, Cindy Williams Gutiérrez, Diane Holland, Andrea Hollander, Paulann Petersen (Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita), Donna Prinzmetal, Penelope Scambly Schott

About the Photographer

Portrait of Russell J Young
Russell J Young, Photographer

Russell J. Young is a commercial and fine art photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Russell has traveled and photographed in over 30 countries. His genres include commercial, fine art, portraiture, fitness, sports, performing arts, landscape, outdoor adventure, travel and culture. Russell believes each genre compliments the end result of the others. The completion of his new SE Portland studio has allowed Russell the space to meet with clients, and an environment to express long held artistic inspirations.

His fine art edition prints are in private and public collections and embassies and have been exhibited in Europe and the USA. His photography is represented by agencies in London Stockholm and Seattle. [Read more about Russell J. Young]

About the Poets

Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate (2010 – 2014), and Dianne Holland will be reading their works from In the Mist July 1st.

UPDATE: Local poet Donna Prinzmetal will also be reading her works from In the Mist at this special First Friday event.

About Paulann Peterson

Portrait of Paulann Peterson
Paulann Peterson, Poet

Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita, has six full-length books of poetry, most recently Understory from Lost Horse Press in 2013. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Poetry, The New Republic, Prairie Schooner, Willow Springs, Calyx, and the online Poetry Daily. She was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and the recipient of the 2006 Holbrook Award from Oregon Literary Arts. In 2013 she received Willamette Writers’ Distinguished Northwest Writer Award. [Read more about Paulann Peterson]

About Dianne Holland

Diane Holland has been a painter and printmaker, as well as a poet. Her first chapbook, The Hand Stayed From Its Desire, was selected by John Poch, editor of 32Poems, for the 2006 Predator Press chapbook prize and was nominated by Eleanor Wilner for a Pushcart Prize. Her work has also appeared in Lumina where the poem, “How It Happens,” won the 2006 poetry contest, and in Gulf Stream Review where the poem “Of a Certain Age” won the 2005 poetry contest. She was also a finalist for the 2004 Ruth Stone Prize.

In the Mist is Available Now at Village Frame & Gallery

Get your copy on First Friday, or stop by any time in the month of July during regular business hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm.

Summer Fun Has Begun at Village Frame & Gallery!

Lot’s of good stuff going on around here lately!

Right Now: Carrie Moore in the Gallery

Carrie Moore exhibit currently showing at Village Frame & Gallery

If you missed First Friday, stop in during the month of June to see the diverse work of artist Carrie Moore. An Oregonian who loves nature, Carrie creates in chalk pastel, linocuts, copper, and embossed leather. Exhibits are free to the public during regular business hours.

3D Copper Salmon by Carrier Moore
3D Copper Salmon by Carrier Moore

This Week: Gifts for Dads and Grads

Still looking for something special? Consider artwork that evokes shared memories or a favorite interest, a handcrafted tool, or a gift certificate for framing. We have lots of tasteful, unique choices, so come see us this week!

Cover of In the Mist: Giving Voice to Silence
On sale at Village Frame & Gallery now

Get Ready: We’re Heating Up First Friday in July

In the Mist photographer Russell Young is teaming up with two of the poets from his book of painterly photography for a poetry reading plus on July 1st. This is a not-to-be-missed event, so watch for details to be published later this month.

First Friday with Carrie Moore June 3rd

Pastel of colorful blue bird.

This month, we are featuring the work of Portland artist Carrie Moore at Village Frame & Gallery. Come meet Carrie Friday, June 3rd, from 6 pm – 9 pm.

Artist Statement

Artist Carrie Moore in front of an easel in her studio
Carrie Moore

My early years as a graphic designer helped set the stage for my current work.  All my work is centered around  line and the environment.  Figurative meets floral; fish and water; abstraction of forms and negative space–all intrigue me.

I now find myself mingled in four media:  printmaking, pastel painting, sculpture, and embossed leather works.  How these things have intertwined has been an organic unfolding and interconnecting of my processes, creativity, and experimentation.  And it changes week to week, my focus on which media feels the right one to allow for expression at the time.

Teaching and owning an art center, Carrie Moore Studios, allows me to teach, show, and share my art and craft, and bring other artists from around the country to do the same.

Sneak Peak of Carrie Moore’s Exhibition at Village Frame & Gallery

Can’t make it Friday? Carrie’s work will be on the gallery walls throughout the month of June. Stop in during regular business hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. Exhibits are always free to the public.

Featured Artist Rosalyn Kliot

Mixed media image of brightly colored, stylized tree trunks.

Artist’s Statement

Photo of Rosalyn Kliot
Rosalyn Kliot, Artist

Although I am formally trained, I consider each work an intuitive journey of exploration.  I detach from any specific outcome or agenda, and allow the piece to take on a life of its own. I am inspired by the two dimensional surface and am generally surprised by outcome. Nature, physics, and the spiritual experience continue to intrigue and amaze. I explore color and layering of imagery, both representational and abstract. I am told that my art makes people happy–that alone might be justification to create–however, for me, art making is as integral to my life as food and water. Waking up each morning in  anticipation of entering my studio is sustenance of the sort that has no equal.

About Rosalyn Kliot, Mixed Media Collage Artist

Rosalyn Kliot is a mixed media painter, working mostly in collage and fiber, and dabbling in ceramics and various paper arts. Her works have been shown and or sold in galleries in juried exhibition, in Los Angeles, Portland, Vancouver, Chicago and Japan and at the Museum in Salem, Oregon; her mixed media collage and fiber pieces are in private and corporate collections. She studied with Don Baum and Alice Shaddle of the Art Institute of Chicago, and obtained a B.A degree from Roosevelt University.

Learn More About Rosalyn Kliot’s in “Complex Creations”

Mixed media painting of very bright colored fish on stringers
Fresh Fish by Rosalyn Kliot ~ Click to enlarge.

Dryer lint. Egg shells. Alpaca hair. Her own blood. Any one of these things may appear in a piece of Rosalyn Kliot’s artwork.

Kliot’s collages, paintings and fiber art pieces are interesting and complex–like her life.

Her work [was displayed in 2008] at Sage Cafe in NorthWest Crossing in Bend, among other places.

One piece at Sage Cafe, called “Prov nogt,” erupts with rough, bumpy textures from acrylic gels and sand, cracks in the surface like broken eggshells, geometric images in reds, yellows, purples and pale greens, and overlying smears of gold glitter.

Foreign words stretch across the canvas too: “Prov nogt nvt!”

Which means …?

“I haven’t got a clue,” Kliot said as she hung the piece recently. “If it’s really nasty I hope someone will tell me.” [Read more in Bend Bulletin]

More by Rosalyn Kliot

Mixed media painting of colorful tree trunks
By Rosalyn Kliot


Blue, multi-media bowl with village scene around outside
Village Bowl by Rosalyn Kliot


Mixed media image of brightly colored, stylized tree trunks.
By Rosalyn Kliot


Purse made of colorful patchwork fabric and long, gold fringe on the closure flap.
Handbag with Fringe by Rosalyn Kliot

Verticality! by Rosalyn Kliot and More this First Friday

By Rosalyn Kliot

Come see our newest exhibit and shop for your Mom this Friday, May 6th. 

Verticality! by Rosalyn Kliot

Mixed media image of brightly colored, stylized tree trunks.
From Verticality! by Rosalyn Kliot

This month, we’re featuring local artist Rosalyn Kliot’s new show, Verticality!, a collection of bright, colorful mixed media works that are, frankly, uplifting!

About the Artist

Rosalyn Kliot is an award winning and published artist currently residing in Oregon. Her works have been shown and or sold nationally and in a traveling exhibit in Japan.  She studied formally, earning a B.A in studio art while on scholarship at Roosevelt University in Chicago.  She is also a Certified Vocational Counselor.
“My art explores various themes, utilizing diverse media: painting, printmaking, ceramics, paper art and fiber art. Although formally trained, my approach is mostly experimental and intuitive. I employ various techniques in my mixed media collages, including stamping, spraying, stenciling and cutting or tearing monoprinted papers. I want the works to engage the viewer, drawing them into the piece”.
She is a juried member of the Oregon Society of Artists, and a member of ORA and Lake Oswego Arts Council.
Meet Rosalyn on Friday, May 6th, during our artist’s reception from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Mixed media image of brightly colored, stylized tree trunks.
From Verticality! by Rosalyn Kliot

Gifts for Moms

Sunday, May 8th is Mothers Day. Still looking for a gift your Mom will love? Stop by Village Frame & Gallery. We have jewelry by Susan Koch Bead Designs; seam rippers, pens and more by Randy Bonella — all made right here in Multnomah Village. And don’t forget framed art and gift certificates — they make wonderful gifts!

There’s Still Time to See Anya Coxworth at Village Frame & Gallery

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Anya Coxworth exhibit, hurry over to Village Frame & Gallery in Multnomah Village. Anya is our featured artist for April, and then we have to take these down to install a new show. This exhibit is free to the public during regular Gallary hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. Don’t miss it!
Gallery wall with exhibit of Anya Coxworth's paintings

Painter Anya Coxworth at First Friday April 1st

Painting of closeup of female face with red hair and green eyes.
Brightly colored painting of two herons facing each other.
By Anya Coxworth

First Friday is tomorrow, already! It should be gorgeous weather, so come meet local painter Anya Coxworth from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Anya is a Portland resident, in fact, we first met her at Fat City. She’s been exhibiting her work around the area and is known for her use of vibrant color and flowing lines. Anya’s work will be featured at Village Frame & Gallery throughout April.

Anya Coxworth, Artist’s Bio

Anya Coxworth is a self taught painter born in Flint Michigan in 1971 relocating to Portland Oregon in 1999. Inspired as a child by her artist father she began experimenting with color and lines. Anya has now been painting whimsical portraits, landscapes, and originals for 29 years. She has sold her work locally and internationally for the last 16 yrs. While in Portland she gave a lecture on her work at Portland Community College during the annual Artbeat event in 2006 and has donated pieces to Habitat for Humanity and Oregon Health and Sciences University benefit auctions. The Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland accepted an original painting of Anya’s for the cities permanent collection. Anya currently resides between Portland and Yamhill Oregon.

First Friday, April 1st

No fooling, this is a show worth seeing with your own eyes at Village Frame & Gallery. We will be open until 9 p.m. at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. Hope to see you there.

Painting of closeup of female face with red hair and green eyes.
By Anya Coxworth


Painting of clowns, one is an adult woman, the other is a child.
By Anya Coxworth

Karen Story Featured Artist at March 4th First Friday

Encaustic painting of green sea water with stormy sky above

Headshot of artist Karen StoryKaren Story is an painter who majored in printmaking and painting at PNCA in Portland, Oregon. She was the recipient of a Louis Bunce Scholarship award, the Printmaking Department scholarship award, and the Local 10 Scholarship award.  She exhibits throughout Oregon and her work is owned by the Portland Art Museum and many private collectors.

This month, Village Frame & Gallery is featuring Karen’s newest show, Shipscapes.


Karen Story Artist’s Statement

Collage of Karen's paintings of the seaI use art to communicate with those around me, as well as with my own inner being. Through arrangement of color, form, content, line, shape, and value I attempt to create a unique experience for the viewer.

This show is especially exciting for me, since the medium is not one I generally use for artistic expression. After I discovered Captain Bob, a rusting 65 year-old ship on the Multnomah Channel (while kayaking), I could think of no other way to capture the beauty of what I saw than through photography. I was stunned as I noticed the ‘landscapes’ which surrounded the ship, at the level of the water, created by years of re-painting, rust, moss, oxidation, and erosion.

Presenting familiar but unusual scenes of lakesides and ocean/land views, the shipsides compelled me to repeatedly visit and photograph them over the following 4 years. I continue to photograph ships during various times of day, season, and weather. The images are evocative of time and place, but with a slight mystery about exactly what one is viewing. These illusions may evoke emotion as well as memory.

Currently an encaustic painter, I use many of the images to inspire paintings in a medium which is also somewhat mysterious, and also asks the viewer to look more deeply into the painting. While assembling this show, I have been able to revisit the initial reactions and excitement brought on by discovering Captain Bob and other rusted ships in Swan Island harbor. It has been my pleasure.

Meet Karen at First Friday

Join us at Village Frame & Gallery for an artist’s reception Friday, March 4, starting at 6:00 pm. We are located in Multnomah Village at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of Shipscapes:

Painting of dark water and land beneath rust streaked sky
Rusty Sky by Karen Story


Encaustic painting of green sea water with stormy sky above
Electric Sky by Karen Story


Encaustic painting with city surrounded by water and rusty sky above
Green City with Rust by Karen Story


Encaustic painting with dark land or water beneath blue sky
Blue Sky by Karen Story

Focus on Pacific Northwest Artists This Month at Village Frame & Gallery

Green butterfly on a pea vine

Right now in the Gallery: art from around the region by Beki Killorin, Sharon Augusta Mitchell, Keaney Rathbun, Barbara Pihos, Tony Turpin, and Ken Elliott, plus Jeanette Nuxoll. Don’t miss this exhibit! Open to the public during regular business hours at Village Frame & Gallery, 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

In the meantime, let’s take an art break!