Last week to see works by Jeanette Nuxoll!

Differential Frailty, a 2D and 3D interactive show by artist Jeanette Nuxoll ends this Saturday. It’s worth a stop in the shop to experience it! Below, Jeanette explains what all the noise is about.

Differential Panel 1 by Jeanette Nuxoll

Differential Panel #1 and #2 explore an intimate relationship between humans, failure, and technology. Their goal is to reflect on a delicate, replaceable object within a simple system, potentially providing an analogy for the more complex systems of the human body. This kinetic participatory sculpture is made up of several porcelain gears. The viewer turns a hand crank that moves the system of gears. As the gears turn, the delicate sound of clinking porcelain emerges. The fragility of porcelain representing the fragility of human systems explores an expectation of failure. The delicacy and translucency of the unglazed porcelain is offset by the strength of the familiar form of gears. The marriage of fragility and sturdiness opens a dialogue about the potential for deterioration of the system.

— Jeanette Nuxoll

Differential Panel 2 by Jeanette Nuxoll

Read about the show Differential Frailty here. And for more about Jeanette click here.

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