It’s Golden Ticket Time!

Yes, it’s that most very merry time of year!

It’s Golden Ticket Time!

And Village Frame & Gallery has a special offer this year. Simply bring in your golden ticket from another participating merchant and receive 10% off your new custom framing order through December 31st!. Purchase $30.00 in merchandise and we’ll give you another golden ticket! Discounts apply to new orders only.

Framing for the Holidays?

Now is the time to start framing projects for delivery by Christmas. To avoid a RUSH charge, bring your projects in by Wednesday, December 12th. We’ll be happy to help you bring your vision to life!

Our regular hours, and through the holiday season, are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to  6pm. Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway in the heart of Multnomah Village.

Patricia L. Giraud Exhibit Opening and Artist Reception June 1st

Black and white image, there is a white horse on the near side of a barbed wire fence, there are two darker horses on the other side of the fence. The horses are nuzzling each other in greeting.

Join us for First Friday, starting at 6 pm to meet local printmaker Patricia L. Giraud!

Black and white image, there is a white horse on the near side of a barbed wire fence, there are two darker horses on the other side of the fence. The horses are nuzzling each other in greeting.
The New Mare by Patricia L Giraud

Patricia L Giraud Artist’s Statement

The seeds for my imagery were planted long ago. I have always been intrigued by the complexity and immediacy of the natural world. My childhood days were spent outdoors, quietly exploring shallow streams, scooping up tadpoles, and seizing the opportunity to be near any animal but especially horses.

Working with horses for decades allowed the opportunity to observe how they function and think and to celebrate their form, their nature. Inspired, I began recording, through photography, the essential relationship between horse and rider. The process-rich medium of printmaking brought a new dimension to my explorations of nature on paper. Intaglio offers a variety of techniques with which to express anatomy, forms shaped by light and shadow, large forces at work and intimate moments.

Initially, the horse was chosen as a totem around which the nuances of relationship, trust, vulnerability and stewardship were considered. More recently, I have expanded the scope of those themes to include figures in natural environments–drawing upon memories while interpreting the shapes, textures found in the landscape.

More from this Exhibit

Large bunch of black and white peonies against a yellow background
The Abundance of Peonies by Patricia L. Giraud
Two young girls in colorful dresses standing in front of an apple tree. They are holding hands. Their faces look serious, perhaps even angry.
Blue Apples by Patricia L. Giraud

As always, our artist’s receptions are free and open to the public, starting at 6 pm, First Friday, at Village Frame & Gallery, 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

Summer Hours at Village Frame & Gallery

Head’s up! Our summer hours start this week. Come see us Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, Saturdays, 10am to 4pm, or by appointment.

There’s Still a Few Days Left to Save!

15% off new custom framing orders May 24, 2018 - June 2, 2018 at Village Frame & Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Must show printed coupon or this image on your device at time of sale.


Memorial Day Savings: 15% Off New Custom Framing!

Headed out to the Memorial Day sales this weekend? Grab those items you’ve been meaning to get framed and make your first stop Village Frame & Gallery in Multnomah Village.

Save on Custom Framing Right Now, But Hurry!

We’re offering 15% off new custom framing orders today through June 2nd only.

15% off new custom framing orders May 24, 2018 - June 2, 2018 at Village Frame & Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Must show printed coupon or this image on your device at time of sale.

New Summer Hours at Village Frame & Gallery

Starting June 2nd, we will be open Tuesday through Friday, 10am to 6pm and Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Of course we are always happy to make appointments outside regular business hours!

Collectors: Janovec Estate Motivated to Sell Remaining Artwork

Blue, yellow, and green abstract painting

If you’ve ever wanted one of Madeline Janovec’s monotypes, now’s the time – before they’re gone.

Madeline Janovec is a legend in the Portland art community. She taught hundreds of students, had her own gallery on SE Holgate, and worked tirelessly establish art exchanges and bring women’s art to Portland. After she passed away in 2011, younger artists Janovec had mentored packed her studio for an impromptu memorial. Her legacy will endure.

A prolific artist, Janovec left behind a number of monotype paintings. Right now, there are some very good opportunities to take one home. If you have been considering a Janovec piece, don’t wait. Stop in our gallery today or call to schedule a time to view Janovec’s remaining works and discuss prices.


Blue, yellow, and green abstract painting
Blue Gardens by Madeline Janovec


Magenta and gold abstract painting
Split Open Worlds by Madeline Janovec

No Joke, Spring Fever Fine Art Sale ends Saturday, April 1st! Next: Shirona Lurie

Painting of string trio playing music

Save 20% to 70% on artwork right now at Village Frame & Gallery

There are still some great buys  to be had on classic fine art, but get in here before the month — and the sale –end!

Painting of string trio playing music
By Fran Kivet


April Featured Artist: Shirona Lurie

Exhibit opens Tuesday, April 4th and runs through Saturday, April 29th. Watch your email for more info about Shirona and her artwork.

Abstract collage
Fruition 1 by Shirona Lurie


Books: In the Mist and Life Beyond My Body

We still have copies of In the Mist: Giving Voice to Silence and Life Beyond My Body: A Transgender Journey to Manhood in China for sale in the gallery.

In the Mist
 — a Book of “Painterly” Photography Illuminated by Poetry

Cover of In the Mist: Giving Voice to SilenceAn ode to the ethereal wonder of mist, this spectacular collaboration is comprised of exquisite images from photographer Russell J. Young accompanied by nuanced poems from seven esteemed Oregon poets. With soft, pale breath, the mist casts an undeniable veil of silence wherever it reaches — from the glassy face of a pond to the concrete underbelly of a bridge to the towering shoulders of a pine forest. These mist-clad Oregon landscapes and urban moments, along with their poetic responses, evoke the whisper of stillness. This book binds together poetry and photography in a relationship in which one is not excluded from the other, but rather both are met and bound and emerge as a new wholeness — a wholeness seeking that which is hidden in the mist and that which is revealed: silence, memory, breath.

In the Mist Photographer: Russell J. Young

In the Mist Poets: Margaret Chula, Cindy Williams Gutiérrez, Diane Holland, Andrea Hollander, Paulann Petersen (Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita), Donna Prinzmetal, Penelope Scambly Schott

Click here read the introduction of In the Mist.


Life Beyond My Body — the First Memoir by a Trans Man from China

Cover of Life Beyond My Body: A Transgender Journey to Manhood in ChinaBorn in a rural Chinese village and identified as a girl at birth, Lei Ming, is barely cared for during his childhood. Often lonely, terrified and abused, he learns early to fend for himself and look within for answers, but there he discovers a paradox that threatens to undo him. Although he does not yet know the word “transsexual,” at 16, Ming sets out on a secret mission to find relief. Life Beyond My Body tells the true story of his quest to find answers in a society that is closed-mouthed about men like Ming.

Along the way, Ming finds solace and judgement in the Christian church, loves and loses a woman, begins his physical transition using black market testosterone, is jailed over his identity, and arranges for top surgery without blowing his cover. But ultimately, understanding the true meaning of being a man will require reckoning with God.

Life Beyond My Body Authors: Lei Ming and Lura Frazey

Read the Foreword by Lambda Literary Award-winning author Willy Wilkinson at “Chapter 1: Who Can Give a Man His Name?” is available at

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Village Frame & Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm, or by appointment, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219 — right in the heart of Multnomah Village.

Spring Fever Art Sale – Save 20% to 70% Starting First Friday March 3rd!

Painting of string trio playing music

Big Artwork Inventory Sale

Been looking at your walls all winter?  Time for an art refresh?  This month at Village Frame and Gallery we have beautifully framed fine art pieces at stock up prices!  Stop in this month and get your spring on! Be here on First Friday for the biggest selection and best sale prices. Village Frame & Gallery will be open late and we’re looking forward to seeing you. Here’s a small sample of the deals available this month:


Image of Richard Hall's painting Horizon II
Horizon II by Richard Hall
Classical Code II by Richard Hall
Close up of heron in watercolor with gold matte and frame
Original watercolor by Beki Killorin
Painting of table with tea pot, candle, and strawberries on it.
Still life by Dan Mitra
Painting of string trio playing music
By Fran Kivet

We the People Posters are Selling Fast, Get Yours Before They’re Gone!

We are happy to report our We the People posters fundraiser and Amarinda Alpern trunk show raised over $320 in February for the ACLU. We still have some of the posters and 100% of poster profits will be donated to the ACLU, so if you want a set of your own, don’t wait — quantities are limited.

See you tomorrow for First Friday — because community is everything!

Village Frame & Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219, right in the heart of Multnomah Village.


First Friday poster for March 3rd 2017 in Multnomah Village: Shops are open from 6 pm - 9 pm




Get We the People Posters Plus Savings on Framing in February

Want Your Own Set of “We the People” Posters? Come to Village Frame & Gallery!

Three red, white, and blue art posters, one depicting a Latina that says "We the people defend dignity," one depicting a Muslim woman that says "We the people are greater than fear," and one depicting an African American woman that says, "We the people protect each other."
by Shepard Fairey

“It’s really about making sure that people remember that ‘we the people’ means everyone, it means all the people. I think the campaigns were very divisive, more from one side than the other. But (it’s) just reminding people to find their common humanity, and look beyond maybe one narrow definition of what it means to be American.”

— Shepard Fairey

Have you seen Shepard Fairey’s artwork for the inauguration? Were you touched by it? We were too — and I had to get a set. So, I got several 9×12 sets, which will be framed and available for sale in the Gallery starting tomorrow. I have limited quantities  so get here before they’re gone! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU. 

Need Custom Framing? Save 15% in February!

Have something of your own you want framed? Now is the time to do it. Bring in this coupon (or just pull up this blog post on your phone) and we’ll give you 15% off your next framing order. And yes, we still have a few designer mirrors on clearance.

Two coupons: one for 15% off custom framing February 14 - 28, 2017, and one for 70% off select designer mirrors.

See You Soon!

As always, we’re open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

Beat the Holiday Rush and Save

Coupons: 15% off framing Oct 17 - 29 and 70% off select mirrors

Thinking you absolutely WILL, finally get that new piece of art framed to go in the dining room before Thanksgiving? Swearing this year you’ll have your great-grandmother’s needlepoint re-framed as a gift for your granddaughter?

Don’t Wait! Now is the Time to Bring in Anything that Needs Framing Before the Holidays

Things are already busy and about to get busier, so don’t put this off — especially since Village Frame & Gallery is offering 15% off custom framing October 17th – 29th. Just click on the coupons below to print a copy (or bring in this post on your smartphone).
Coupons: 15% off framing Oct 17 - 29 and 70% off select mirrors

We’re Here for You!

Bring your artwork and gifts that need framing to Village Frame & Gallery, 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219 during regular business hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm.

3 Things You Can Do Now to Prevent the Blahs this Winter

Portland skyline on partly cloudy day

Feel the nip in the air lately? We all know what’s coming — the long months of little daylight. It’s time for some “winterizing” to head off the rainy season blues. Here are three tips that will pay off big:

designer-mirror-village-frame-70Lighten Up Your Home and Work Spaces

Sunlight is a proven mood booster, but few of us have homes or offices that make the most of the natural light available. As winter sets in, parts of our indoor environment become gloomy. The change is often so gradual we don’t notice it, but by mid-winter, its effect on our mood is obvious.

The easiest way to increase natural light in any space is to add mirrors. Take advantage of the sunlight we have now to experiment with placement. Any slightly shadowy corners you see now will have the atmosphere of a dark cave this winter. Installing a beautiful mirror in that dim nook can completely change the character of your room — for the better.

Bright colored painting of hut in a rural village.
Color Me Free by Marie-Claude Boucher

Add Color to Your Indoor Environment

Muted earth tones are a decor classic, but let’s be honest, they can be a bit too neutral when it’s gray outside. Drab even. There’s no need to completely redecorate, just add some pops of color to liven up your living spaces.

Start with a colorful piece of art. Pick one or two bold hues from it and add a few accent pieces or accessories to the room in the same colors. You don’t have to spend a ton of money: find throws and pillows in your color of choice, paint an end table or bookcase, or line up bright pots filled with plants. A little will go a long way.

Portland skyline on partly cloudy dayPlan Now to Get Out and About this Winter

Beautiful days like today make it easy to step outside. It’s hard to stay inside, actually. But reflect on winters past. How many times did you look our your window and think, “Nah. I’m staying in my jammies today”? Or leave work with mental blinders on, thinking only of arriving home? It’s a lot harder to get inspired to go out when it’s drizzly. But whatcha gonna do? We suggest a little strategic thinking.

Make a list — the longer, the better — of places to go and things to do around town. Not the places you usually go or things you usually do, aim for new experiences. Pretend you’re a tourist here. Brainstorm for things you usually don’t pay attention to in your hometown: public artplaces that put the weird in “Keep Portland Weird,” interesting MeetUps, museums and historical sites you’ve never visited. This winter, when you feel cooped up, pick an item on your list and get out of the house.

For More Inspiration, Visit Village Frame & Gallery

We offer artistic, designer, and custom mirrors, plus a wide selection of art, and ideas are always free! Come see us Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, or by appointment. Village Frame & Gallery is located in the heart of Multnomah Village at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

Image credit: Portland Skyline 2 by Julie Gentry (see here) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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