Object, Line, Shadow, Sculpture by Dianne Jean Erickson and Chas Martin in the Gallery this month!

Don’t miss this show! Village Frame and Gallery welcomes Dianne Jean Erickson and Chas Martin in the Gallery together for what is an energetic, bold and amazing show! Dianne’s new series Object and Line is a perfect foil for Chas’ bold and colorful sculpture.


Join us on First Friday – Friday, May 5th at 5pm for the opening of Object, Line, Shadow, Sculpture and meet Dianne and Chas. The weather, while not warm and sunny is still perfect for a stroll in the Village. Stop in the shops, buy something nice for mom, enjoy the show and have some wine and nibbles with the artists at Village Frame and Gallery, and then grab dinner in the Village. What a perfect evening!

About Dianne Jean Erickson

Dianne Jean Erickson says it best about her paintings: “Each day working in my studio I start not knowing what image will emerge. I allow myself the freedom of indecisions, improvisations, and impulsiveness in my work, and that leads to exciting discoveries. Subjects of my paintings vary depending on ideas that arise. I use multiple mediums including, but not limited to encaustic, acrylic, oil and cold wax. I’m impatient by nature, my process is intuitive, I most enjoy the journey of creating, figuring out what works; what to keep, and what to abandon, until the piece works for me. I have no compulsion to save every work I do, and many become the layered history for a new piece. Creating art energizes me, it’s a place where time is altered, where all my feelings and emotions appear at some time or another; pleased, tired, upbeat, excited, harried, surprised, and hopefully at some point, satisfied.”

About Chas Martin

“My work comes from anthropology and energies of the natural world. My themes include relationships, situations and our role in the grand picture. On a primal level, we all share one community.”

Martin’s sculpture is directly influenced by his exploration of watercolor and acrylic painting. His Portland, Oregon studio is both a gallery and working studio – a collection of finished sculptures, paintings and sketches of works in progress. Martin offers classes, mentors individual artists and hosts meetings for groups like Pacific Northwest Sculptors. Wilderness is his inspiration – both physical and mental. His work combines natural beauty with concepts from physics, mystical influences and spirituality to create images that transcend time, gender, religion, race, politics and culture. Exploration of primal imagery opens doors to self reflection, conversation and growth.

Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219 in the heart of Multnomah Village. Our regular hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm.

Multnomah Street Scenes II, paintings by Dennis Anderson and First Friday Reception

Renner’s Grill, Street by Dennis Anderson

Street Scenes II – Images of Multnomah Village and Portland

Images so colorful, so detailed you feel you are there. Capturing Multnomah Village and Portland in oil on canvas and board, Dennis Anderson’s paintings are fresh, happy and so familiar. Village Frame and Gallery is pleased to welcome Dennis and his paintings back to the Gallery for a month-long featured artist show!

Reception Tonight

Join us tonight, First Friday, for the opening reception of Street Scenes II – Images of Multnomah Village and Portland. Reception starts at 5 pm and runs through 7 pm and Dennis Anderson will be here to chat with you. Come on out! The weather is, well who knows what it will be doing at 5 pm, but you should visit the Village tonight. Shops are open late and you want to support the Village!

Artist Statement

The spirit of my work is contemplative.

I think of my paintings as Interpretive Naturalism, often finding an interest in routine moments of the urban street scene. In my best efforts, what is important
to me— is to elevate those activities of daily life, to give painterly significance—not merely to present a location, but to enliven what is familiar, often remembered, and frequently experienced.

I use the luscious properties oil paint, developing a balance of loose brushwork to more painterly passages, all giving reference and impression to uneventful urban street scenes.
– – Dennis Anderson

Renner’s Grill by Dennis Anderson

In The Windows

Look for new work by Chas Martin in the windows this month!

Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219 in the heart of Multnomah Village. Our regular hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm.

Working from home? What’s on your walls?

Does your wall art work for you? Today, more than ever, people are doing double-time from their homes: work, school and even gym time is all conducted from home now. What are people seeing on your walls during your Zoom meetings? Virtual conference calls have changed the way we view our walls, we want our colleagues to see a reflection of who we are.

Now that our homes are being used for multiple purposes, consider certificates or diplomas in home offices, ABC charts or multiplication tables in the schoolroom, or motivational posters in the home gym. Whatever you want to grace your walls, Village Frame & Gallery can help you find it, and frame it.

Art reflects the kind of people we are, our experiences, what we value and what we find beautiful. Your treasure might be an old cross-stitch, lovingly made by your grandmother, photos of your children or a unique painting you saved up for, but which ever it is, consider its placement on your wall and the quality of the frame.

It’s a joy for us to share the art experience with our customers. We see the art they love from paintings and drawings to sports paraphernalia ready for a shadowbox, kid art, fabric crafts and so many meaningful family photographs. Part of our work is ensuring that each treasure is taken care of in a quality framing package to protect and showcase that piece. Sometimes people like the art, but not the frame. It’s satisfying to help our clients see how re-framing can bring new life to a piece. We love talking to people about what they have on their walls!

Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219 in the heart of Multnomah Village. Our adjusted regular hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm. You can call us at 503-245-8001.

All Framed Art Inventory on Sale Now!

It’s January, and we all know what that means…resolutions. Putting away the holiday decorations, clearing the clothes off the exercise bike, and doing a Marie Kondo on the closets and storage areas. At Village Frame and Gallery we’re doing the same thing. It’s not that the artwork we have in storage doesn’t bring us joy, but rather we think it will bring more joy displayed in someone’s home. And at great sale prices, it’s the perfect time to put something new up on those walls!

Village Frame and Gallery’s entire framed art inventory is on sale now, at our lowest sale prices ever! Have you been in the gallery and seen something you liked up high on the wall? Now is the time to take a closer look and maybe bring something home for your walls – New year, new art!

We even have a few precious holiday pieces by Kaye Synoground, framed and ready for you to take home at great sale prices!

Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219 in the heart of Multnomah Village. Our regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm.

Framing Architectural Photos and Paintings

We love to travel, to see new places and experience new things. Rounding a corner in an unfamiliar city or town and seeing something astonishing in it’s size, complexity and grandeur, the architecture of European cities is something to behold. The buildings are all old by our standards and for that reason are much more beautiful to us!

Client photo taken with an iPhone

Buildings of grand size can also be overwhelming when we try to photograph them. No matter what I do, grand buildings always look small and insignificant when I take photos with my iPhone. Peter West Carey notes in his Digital Photography School blog “My suggestion with architectural photography is to take those wide angle photos (I certainly did with the picture of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland) but also get into the details. “ He mentions looking for patterns in the architecture to create interesting photographs, much like the framed piece above, a courtyard in a European home.

Belle Epoque by Alan King

We recently framed the staircase above by Alan King, what fun! The curved lines in the staircase and the details and framing of the paintings informed our choices of rich textural mats, gold fillet and ornate moulding that we used – it turned out beautiful if we say so ourselves!

Watercolor by Susan Koch

On the other end of the spectrum, this lovely watercolor by local artist Susan Koch was best served by quiet linen mats echoing the deep shadows in the painting and a wide distressed painted frame. The moulding looks like it could have taken from the siding of the home. The overall effect is something that could hang in most homes from Cape Cod to Cape Defiance.

Have you recently returned from holiday with new artwork? Don’t put it in a drawer, only to be forgotten!

Do you have memories in your phone that you’d love to have professionally printed but don’t know where to go? Village Frame and Gallery recommends Symbiosis Printing in Hillsdale, Portland. A family owned and operated business, Jeff and Kath are great to work with and produce exceptional photographic prints. You can reach Symbiosis at 503-477-6181.

Regardless of the subject or where you intend to hang your treasure, Village Frame and Gallery is pleased to help you design a framing solution you’ll love for years to come. Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219 in the heart of Multnomah Village. Our regular hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.

What’s with the Gallery?

When we purchased Village Frame and Gallery almost five years ago we re-envisioned the space. We wanted a light, open space. A space that showcased the work of local artists, both established and unknown, in a friendly, inviting way. A space where the work of framing art commingled with art and the people that love it.

Welcome to Village Frame and Gallery!

Village Frame and Gallery has occupied the same space in Multnomah Village for almost 20 years. Surprised? You’re not alone. Click here to read our recent post about one such fun interaction. First and foremost, we are a custom framing shop specializing in preserving and displaying your heirlooms and needlework, fine art purchases and concert posters, and your child’s artwork to it’s best effect. But what else do we do?

Highlighting and supporting local artists

Local. We define local as the Pacific Northwest, the Portland metro area and hyper-local, right here in Multnomah Village. The area is blessed with so many talented artists, many of whom have gone on to national and international recognition. And many who keep plugging away, with nary a chance to showcase their work. Village Frame and Gallery is pleased to bring these talented artists (established and unknown) to our gallery, to Multnomah Village, as our monthly featured artists.

Village Frame and Gallery provides local artists with a month-long venue to showcase their work. We hold artist receptions on First Fridays, an opportunity for residents and visitors to Multnomah Village to meet our monthly featured artist and view their work. Hopefully the artwork sells (starving artists, you know), but the main goal is visibility for the artist and their work. For many of our artists it’s a first opportunity to show their body of work – how exciting!

Want to hear about upcoming shows? Click here to subscribe to our E-newsletter. We promise, no spam, just great content!

Next time you stroll through the Village take a chance and step inside. Or make a date and come out for First Friday! Browse the shops, grab a bite and meet our monthly featured artist. Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219 in the heart of Multnomah Village. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Well, Hello. Yes, We’re Here!

It was 6:30 pm on April 1st and I had just finished hanging our April featured artist’s paintings in the gallery – I hadn’t yet locked the door. A woman opened the door and stepped in, politely asking if we were closed. I replied, “Yes we are closed, but I’m here so come on in.” She walked around the shop, looking at the artwork, hand made jewelry and ceramics and then commented, “This shop is so pretty…so clean and bright. It’s new, right?”

Welcome to Village Frame and Gallery!

The scenario above has happened countless times since we purchased Village Frame and Gallery from its original owner almost five years ago. In truth, we’ve been in the same location for almost 20 years – right here in the heart of Multnomah Village! If you’ve walked through the Village no doubt you have walked past our display windows and perhaps peered in. The winter wonderland with white Christmas tree, paintings of the Village by Kaye Synoground, and the mosaic Snow Queen. The cool walnut mid century frames, ceramics and of course the hand-beaded jewelry! But you may not have stepped in. Who are we and what do we do behind those display windows? I thought, since we are celebrating 20 years this summer, perhaps we should introduce ourselves.

What do we do?

The core of Village Frame and Gallery is conservation-grade custom framing. What does that mean? It means we design engaging custom displays for your treasured art, sentimental heirlooms and needlework, posters and kids art. We use only conservation techniques, archival materials and 99% UV filtering glazing to ensure your project lasts a lifetime.

Village Frame and Gallery has one of the largest selections of frame samples and mats in Portland, which honestly can be a bit overwhelming. Our skilled designers will guide you through the selection of materials, taking into consideration your budget and personal aesthetic, presenting you with options for framing your artwork to its best possible effect. During the design process we will assess the condition of your artwork and make recommendations for conservation treatment when necessary.

Who are we?

Next time you stroll through the Village take a chance and step inside. There’s lots to look at and we don’t bite unless provoked! Village Frame and Gallery is located at 7808 SW Capitol Highway, Portland 97219. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Turning Scraps into Art: What to do with Antique or Vintage Textile Fragments

Scraps of antique fabric framed artistically

Even wee bits of antique fabric can become a striking exhibit with proper framing.

Scraps of antique fabric framed artistically

What’s in your attic?

Lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress …

Sections of an antique sampler …

Bold scraps of hand-woven cloth brought from overseas decades ago …

Do you have textile fragments you love tucked away? Little remnants that are too precious to throw out and too fragile for their original use? Frame them!

Antique and vintage fabrics, needlework, and clothing are often truly works of art, as well as beloved keepsakes. Creative layout and conservation framing lets you showcase and preserve these pieces. Opt for glazing with museum glass and their texture will still be clearly visible and dust-free.

Old textiles not only make beautiful household decor, they become conversation starters — tiny bits of history that catch the eye and tantalize the imagination.

Framed antique embroidered sampler
For Best Results, Hire an Experienced Textile Framer

Not every frame shop will or can handle textiles well. Fabrics and fibers require special handling to block, stabilize, and conserve each piece, which is dependent on the type of material. The more valuable the textile fragment, the more important it is to choose a framer with these specialty skills.

Village Frame & Gallery has been trusted by textile artists and conservators since 1999. If you have a fabric or fiber piece you want to liberate from your attic, bring it to our shop for a free consultation.

3 Things You Won’t Believe We Framed!

Font of Hatari by Henry Mancini in frame

Did you ever want to exhibit something rare or special? But you couldn’t because it would get destroyed unless it was kept hidden away in a storage box. You might want to revisit that idea when you see what three of our clients had framed recently.

Check out this groovy vintage LP we framed

Front of Hatari by Henry Mancini in frame

This album got lots of play in the 1960s, but it’s over 50 years old now. It’s owner wanted to enjoy it, but also protect it. Properly framed, the cover is a great piece of vintage art that can be displayed, with a little secret …

We used an open-style back so you can not only read the back of the cover, the record can be removed on special occasions. How fun is that?!

Back of vintage LP framed so the record can be removed.


Don’t want to walk on your antique rug? Frame it and hang it!

This is a 78″ x 44″  hand-knotted silk Persian rug we framed recently. I guess you can see why it’s owner didn’t want to lay it on the floor. Framed, it’s a stunning piece of wall art in a gorgeous, heavily carved frame.

Rug with 1700s party scene depicting a room crowded with colorfully and elegantly dressed men and women.


There’s more than one way to frame a window

A lot of people buy antique stained glass windows as art for their homes, but then just contend with the fragility of their old frames, thinking they have no choice if they want to keep the original, distressed sash. If you have a piece like this, we can frame it with the original sash in place, like we did this next piece.

This was actually part of a door.  We used a chunky hardwood frame and distressed decorative fillet to complement the original framing, which brings a lot of visual interest to the finish piece.

Framed stained glass window with light blue squares around the perimeter and a multicolored square in the center


Like a sleeker look? The old framing can be removed entirely, updating and refreshing the look of your stained glass art as we did here with a new Art Deco frame. This is going to look great hanging in a bathroom window!

Framed stained glass with a flower on a dark red background.


Have a project idea, but not sure if we can frame it? Bring it in!

Just about anything you can imagine hanging on your wall can be framed, so don’t be shy about asking. We enjoy using our creativity to help you find ways to display and protect your treasures.

We’re open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm or by appointment, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.

5 Tips for Traveling Art Collectors

Brightly colored string art image of sun, moon, medicine wheel, maize, birds, and animals

We frame a lot of artwork our customers bring home from their travels. For art lovers, is there any better way to bring a special trip or place to mind? We think not! If you agree, here are a few things to keep in mind during your next vacation.

Brightly colored string art image of sun, moon, medicine wheel, maize, birds, and animals
Huichol string art from Mexico, framed by Village Frame & Gallery.

Do Collect Art When You Travel

Skip the cheap trinkets and forgettable souvenir stand offerings. A lot of it was made in China anyway. Art you love purchased from local artists will not only bring you joy for the rest of your life, finding it may produce some of your best memories of the trip.

Alternately, if you enjoy photography, make your own art. Hunting killer images will likely help you see things you would have missed otherwise. When you get home, we can help you turn your best photographs into an art exhibit you’ll be proud to show off.

Get to Know the Special Needs of Your New Treasure

Some art is particularly fragile. Depending on it’s age or the media used, it made need special care. It’s a good idea to learn what you can about the art you buy, so you can make good decisions for it when it arrives home.

The Huichol string art pictured above was a gift from a dear friend in Mexico to a couple from Oregon during their last visit south. Familiar with Huichol string art, the couple knew it was created by laying string into beeswax. Since this art is precious to them and will live in a home heated by wood, the couple brought it straight to Village Frame & Gallery. They were concerned about protecting the yarn fibers from soot, and the underlying beeswax from heat. But, they didn’t want glazing that would interfere with seeing the texture or vibrant color of the piece. Museum Glass inside a simple, black lacquer frame provided the protection they need with the clarity they desired.

Large Art Might Not be the Best Value After All

Framed oil painting of small patio outside blue door. A chair and pots of colorful flowers are arranged on the patio.A big statement piece offered by a street vendor at a fraction of U.S. prices can be very tempting, but will it still be a bargain after you ship it home and get it framed? Anything larger than 16″ x 20″ is likely to put a serious bruise on your credit card before you get it on the wall, regardless of how cheap the initial outlay was. You might be much better off picking up a few small pieces that can easily be brought home in your luggage. You’ll save on shipping and framing and you will have spread the wealth among several artists.

Not long ago, a customer brought in this diminutive oil painting, which was purchased abroad. In the right frame, it makes a big statement and is a lovely reminder of our client’s trip.

Restretching Could Stretch Your Wallet

We often have folks come in with a rolled canvas they brought home in their luggage, only to find out it can cost more to restretch art than it would have been to ship it home stretched. Don’t end up with a nasty surprise — price shipping the canvas stretched before you take it apart. If the shipping is under $100, do it. If you have doubts after you know the shipping price, email us the size and some pictures for a ballpark estimate on restretching before making your final decision.

Don’t Wait to Bring Your Art to Village Frame & Gallery

Ever bring home a piece of art, stow in a corner for safekeeping until you can get to the frame shop, and then let it languish there for years? It happens, but when it does, you cheat yourself out of the joy of displaying your souvenir, and your art is at the mercy of the elements — unprotected from dust, light, insects, and temperature changes.

Next time, bring your art to Village Frame & Gallery before you unpack your suitcases. While you’re catching up with your inbox and sorting through your snapshots, we’ll get your new art ready to display.

We’re open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, at 7808 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219.


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Open Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm, and Saturday 10am - 4pm, or by appointment.